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We LOVE our Clicker Leashes!  I learned about the Clicker Leash Company shortly after I had started working on the well known TV show “Its Me or the Dog” with master trainer Victoria Stilwell.  Knowing that Bam Bam had a tendency to obsess over things he often smelled on his walks, I decided to give the clicker leash a try in aiding to get him to move on from whatever he was obsessing over.  And of course… to no surprise, the Clicker Leash cured the issue at hand.  George, while he is more than happy to move on when you ask…. he likes to try and chase after trucks.  So with that, we click and treat as trucks pass us.  We of course tell all of our four legged and two legged friends about the Clicker Leash.  Yay for the Clicker Leash!

Bam Bam, Stacey, and George

When I went to the SPCA to pick a dog I asked for something big, dumb, and lovable to keep me company at the park in the mornings. The staff immediately introduced me to Dale, a 1 year old husky/ collie X who proceeded to let himself out of his locked kennel to come meet me. I fell madly in love. Dale was not neutered, barely house trained, not leash trained, and knew absolutely no commands, but had a zest for life and infectious personality that I just couldn't say no to. Dale failed level 1 at obedience school 6 times because he refused to respond to his name. He pulled on his leash, ran away, chased cats, joggers, bikes, barked at cars, dogs, skateboards, men, and people in winter jackets. His adventures cost almost $10,000 in vet bills in the first 2 years he lived with me and got him kicked out of doggy day care and fired by 2 dog walkers. He couldn't come to the park with me because he humped every dog he saw and ran down joggers and bikers, all while pretending he had no clue who I was or what his name was. Despite this though he captured the hearts of everyone who has ever met him because his love of life is infectious and he is great in the house, puts up with anything from babies, toddlers, and kids, and is the most handsome lovable dog you could ever meet. Enter the clicker leash. Within 2 weeks of having the Clicker Leash, Dale started responding to his name on walks and was walking on a loose leash 75% of the time. By week 3 he would sit and stay while a dog or cat passed on the other side of the street without barking. The Clicker Leah has improved my quality of life beyond what words can describe by making training easy and helping Dale stay focused without me fumbling for leash, clicker, and treats while trying to keep my barking, humping, wild dog under control. Now when people pass us they see a quiet dog sitting and waiting patiently for them to pass, and he has learned the emotional control he needs to go to the park and play with his friends.

Caroline & Dale

We LOVE our new clicker leash. We have been clicker training with our dogs for 3 years now but always had trouble remembering to bring the clicker with us on outings. The clicker leash makes it A LOT more convenient in these situations as we constantly have it with us at all times.  Avery is also very happy with the colour choices; pink/red are her personal favorites.

Thanks again!

Kristina & Avery

Hooray for the Clicker Leash!  As a dog trainer that promotes clicker training, the Clicker Leash is the answer for somany of my clients who loved the fast and enthusiastic results clicker training produced but found traditional clickers difficult to manage or frequently forgot and misplaced their clickers at home.
The super light leash handle, provides a secure and ultra comfortable grip which both myself and many of my students have found to absorb some of the shock those spirited and "professional pulling" dogs can create while providing them with more control.
I personally used the Clicker Leash to train my most recent puppy and was thrilled with the results and convenience.  I loved that the sound of the Clicker Leash's clicker was in between most tradition box clickers and "i-clicks" or push button type clickers.  This made it possible for me to continue clicking good behaviors without interrupting instructors at classes or similar situations when traditional box clickers would have been too distracting to others.  On the same note the Clicker Leash's clicker is still loud enough to cut through the noise when we're out on our walks in high traffic or other noisy urban areas.
Thanks for such a great reward based training product!
Amy Slaunwhite
FUR My Friends K9 Education & Training

Product Review by Alex Keir for CAPPDT ( newsletter The Forum Volume 16, Issue 2 April 2009
I had planned to ask for volunteers to try this new product but at my last class a student arrived with a puppy wound around his legs, his treats flying out of a baggie and even though he had a clicker in hand I could see it was all too much. I went to help him and just replaced his leash with the 3-foot Clicker Leash. It didn't solve all his problems but it immediately eliminated the need for three hands.
Using a clicker is a mechanical skill and we all get better with practice. For the novice, managing the clicker, the leash and food delivery can just be too much. The Clicker Leash put the leash and clicker in one hand. Awesome! I think it will be very handy to have a few of these available in class for students to try.  I did get a few volunteers to try the Clicker Leash for one week each. They agreed that because the clicker was attached to the leash they found they did more training out on their walks than they normally would.
Alex Keir owns and operates Good Dog Works ( in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Years ago, when my eldest Boxer Delta was in a local obedience class, I had my first experience with a clicker.  What a wonderful device!  Having that clicker to use as a marker to instantly let your dog know it has done a request correctly is remarkable.

However, I, as many people will also attest too, had difficulties juggling handling a leash, a clicker, getting your dog to do a command (which sometimes required using both hands), reaching into a treat bag, etc.  Coordination can be very tricky!  The timeliness of a click is so important for your dog.  There had to be an easier way!

Adina and Shannon thought so too, and hence the idea of the Clicker Leash was born.  INGENIOUS!  As soon as the email went out in 2008, announcing the creation of the Clicker Leash, I was immediately on board.  I knew it would be a device that would be tremendously helpful in my home - not only for continual training of my own 2 dogs, but for the foster dogs I often had in my home.

Today, I have a new Boxer puppy named Brosa, and he is starting off on the right foot, right from the beginning, being Clicker Trained.  Using a Clicker Leash for Boxer puppies who are constantly wiggling, bouncing, leaping and squirming, really simplifies the training!

I have attached a photo which was taken on 09 May 2009 during an SPCA fundraising event.  Brosa learned to bowl using the Clicker Leash - and your dog can too!  :)

Thank you Adina and Shannon for coming up with such an incredible idea!  We will be using our Clicker Leash for many years to come.

Lisa, Delta, Oscar and Brosa May 7th, 2009
There is a new product that I am very excited to review here: the Clicker Leash. As you’d expect from the name, this is a leash with a clicker built into the handle. No more scrambling for your clicker or trying to figure out which way to hold it; no more worries about dropping the leash as you manipulate the clicker!

The handle is much lighter in weight than I expected from the picture, and it fit easily in my hand. It does fill most of your hand, though, and it is not possible to simply put your hand through the handle to allow it to hang from your wrist (as I often like to do). This could be fixed with an optional lanyard. Having the leash in your hand might make you slightly more likely to use the leash to pull the dog into position when you fall back on physical manipulation rather than mental maneuvering.

The built-in clicker is a little softer than the regular box clicker I usually use. It is a lower-volume sound, and it also seemed to have a little more “give” and less precision. This is a really minor complaint for most pet dog training; it would only be at high levels of precision training that this would be an issue.

There are times when I’m transitioning a dog from on-leash to off-leash work by allowing the leash to drag on the ground (during recall training in a safe area, for example), and I’d be reluctant to do this with the Clicker Leash. However mine did get dragged across the ground and through cut grass without any apparent damage. The leash that it comes with is relatively short (4 feet I think); a great distance for teaching loose-leash walking. This is not the clicker you’d use to practice distance work, but it’s fabulous for use in a beginning class where you want to keep the dog relatively near you anyways.

Most of my students loved it. They liked that it put one less thing in their hand and found the handle comfortable. My Real World class students liked how easy it was to use when walking down the street. My Levels students liked it in the classroom. Most of them either actively liked the softer click-sound, or didn’t notice it.

I had a few colleagues try it as well, and they all noticed the “softer” clicker. One of my colleagues completely refused to try it, but she specializes in dealing with aggressive dogs and her concern was that her clients wouldn’t have a secure enough grip with just the handle and not extra loops of leash.

Overall I am very pleased with this product, and I intend to order a pile of them to offer to my students. For the rest of you – you can order them from

Stacy's Wag'N'Train

Stewie is our two year old Jack Russell, who was a complete angel until he hit the “terrible twos” or in dog years, became a teenager.  Picking up on his 5 year old sister Indy’s bad habits, he started to freak out at the sound of a doorbell, the sight of a cat, dog or bird, and give chase to anything on wheels. Life became chaotic at our house and visitors soon avoided us.  We tried everything to regain control including dominance theory, forced exercise, prong collars and separation which only seemed to make both dogs more aggressive.  The final straw was when Stewie attacked Indy and bit off part of her ear.
I finally got in touch with a trainer who modifies dog behaviour and she came to the house and gave us the tools and confidence to help us and our dogs live a more balanced life through positive reinforcement.  Every day, with a little work, we see an improvement in Stewie and Indy’s behaviour as well as their interaction with one another. We are especially grateful to the trainer for introducing us to the Clicker Leash which has made our public outings much more peaceful!! The Clicker Leash has really helped to put all of the trainer’s ideas and suggestions into practice on a regular basis. Thanks!!!

, Kyle, Stewie and Indy

I've tried the clicker leash and it is AWESOME.  Very easy to use, it's amazing it has taken this long to be invented.  Very user friendly.  Highly recommended.  At first I thought that the big handle would be too clunky to be comfortable, but it worked out just fine.  It gave better control over the leash and the "click" sound is nice and loud.  Perfect for getting my dog to finally sit at the corner when we come to the busy street intersection!

Rebecca at the

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