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Clicker Leash
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The dog you want is within reach! The Clicker Leash puts effective, humane training methods at your fingertips.

By merging a clicker with an ergonomic, lightweight leash handle, the Clicker Leash makes reward-based training convenient and fun while eliminating juggling and fumbling. Whether you are training your puppy, working on basic life skills with an adult dog or competing in canine sports the Clicker Leash puts your clicker where you need it, when it counts. As long as you have your dog’s leash, your favourite training tool is on hand!

Included in package: 1 - Clicker Leash handle, 1 - 3ft black leash length* (in either 1/2" or 1" width) and Basic Instructional Guide. 

*The combined length of your Clicker Leash handle and 3ft leash length is close to 4ft. We have found this to be the ideal length for most dogs and handlers when starting to train.  Look for our adjustable 2-4ft "City Livin'" and 4-8ft "Country Livin'" leashes in early 2009 to take your Clicker Leash to new lengths.  

CA PATENT # 2,540,835



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