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Q: How old should my dog be to use the Clicker Leash?
A: The Clicker Leash is an effective training tool for dogs of any age. Whether you have a brand new puppy, a senior dog or anything in between, you can use the Clicker Leash to humanely train your dog.

Q: Why is the Clicker Leash effective?
A: The Clicker Leash combines the advantages of clicker training with convenience and ease of use. Because you use rewards to help your dog understand what you want, he will love to work with you. The click your dog hears is different from anything else he hears in the run of a day so it stands out and helps your dog learn faster. Because you always have your leash when you are out in public with your dog, you will take advantage of more training opportunities and your dog will learn how to work with you in a variety of environments. No more lost or forgotten clickers! Your favorite training tool will always be within easy reach.

Q: How does my dog know what the click from my Clicker Leash means?
A: When you first introduce your dog to the Clicker Leash, you will click and quickly reward until your dog begins to focus on you when he hears the click. Usually this will take about 25 repetitions of pairing the click with a reward.

Q: What is the best reward to use for my dog?
A: Only your dog can answer that question. Experiment and see what makes your dog happy or excited. High energy dogs usually enjoy a game of tug, lap dogs often like to be picked up and cuddled, scent hounds usually love a good sniff. Most dogs will happily work for small pieces of treats or kibble. Use whatever your dog loves to reward the behavior you would like to see more of.

Q: Will the Clicker Leash work with dominant or stubborn dogs?
A: Most dogs people think of as dominant or stubborn are just independent thinkers who may be under-motivated or don’t understand what you would like them to do. With the Clicker Leash you will be focusing on rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior so your dog will quickly learn that working with you is fun. The Clicker Leash will help you communicate clearly with your dog by letting your dog know the exact moment he has done something you like. You can harness your dog’s independent thinking style by shaping new behaviors.

Q: Will playing tug-of-war make my dog aggressive?
A: Playing tug-of-war will not create aggression in your dog. You should have a clear set of rules when playing tug. If your dog’s teeth touch your hands or if he begins to get over-stimulated, the toy goes away. If you want your dog to let go of the tug, simply hold his collar under his chin and release pressure on the tug toy. When your dog lets go, click and reward with another game of tug or a treat. You may hear your dog growl while he plays tug-of-war. Usually these are play-growls and a normal part of your dog’s vocalizations. If you think your dog is aggressive, you should contact a qualified trainer immediately.

Q: Can I use the Clicker Leash to train an adopted dog?
A: You can use the Clicker Leash to train any hearing dog regardless of age, size or how long you have owned him. Depending on what methods your dog’s previous owners used, it may take some time to build your dog’s confidence so that he will willingly offer you new behaviors. You may have to break the behaviors down into small steps and reward your dog as he gets closer to the final goal. Since you will be rewarding the behaviors you like, the Clicker Leash will help build a trusting relationship with your new dog.

Q: Will I have to carry treats and rewards for the rest of my dog’s life?
A: No, treats and other rewards are used while you are teaching your dog a new behavior. Once the behavior has become a habit, you can start fading out the treats and rewards. You should still reward occasionally so your dog maintains the behavior.  Do not bribe your dog by asking them to do something with a treat in your hand. Your dog will learn to work only if he sees the treat. If there is a treat in your hand, pretend you have a piece of tape over your mouth and don't say anything.

Q: How do I use my Clicker Leash to correct a problem behavior?
A: Instead of correcting bad habits, you can use your Clicker Leash to teach your dog a new behavior that can’t be done at the same time as the problem behavior to replace the old action you didn’t like. For example, with the Clicker Leash you can reward your dog for sitting nicely when strangers are approaching you instead of jumping up on them. Or, you can reward your dog when he is walking beside you instead of trying to correct him if he is pulling ahead. Find more training tips here.

Q: My dog is very excitable out on our walks and won’t take treats from me. How can I reward him?
A: First, make sure your dog is hungry before you try to use a food reward. If you know he is hungry but still won’t accept a treat, you may have to start in a quiet environment like your living room or backyard. Make sure your dog has mastered a variety of new behaviors in these quiet environments and then try in a more active setting. You can also experiment with your treats to see if there are some your dog likes better than others. Your dog may be more motivated by toys or playing so experiment and use what he really loves.

Q: My dog chewed through my leash. Do I have to buy a complete Clicker Leash again?
A: No, you can purchase individual leash lengths here and simply replace your old leash length.

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